Why invest in a locksmith service franchise?

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On previous occasions we have talked about the advantages of investing in a franchise. We have said that they are an excellent option to grow outside their own country, because they are strong and well adapted businesses, whose philosophy is a culture of change and updating without losing the quality of the processes and products that are offered. Who acquires a franchise as an investment business, also acquires a business system that works according to certain guidelines established in manuals; and that make the business profitable and successful in the country where it operates.

The business model of the franchises has expanded so much that the types of service and products they offer are extremely varied. Thus, there are franchises of:


Fast-food restaurants
Car repair and / or maintenance workshops.
Repair, painting and home maintenance companies.
Academies of Education, nurseries, etc.
Shipping and parcel services.
Photocopying and printing services.
Graphic design centers.
Care companies for the elderly.
Services for pets.
Of this last one, the locksmith services franchise, we will talk.


Why is it attractive to invest in a locksmith service franchise like The Flying Locksmiths?
It has almost no national competition in the United States
In the last 4 years, he has obtained a gross profit; nothing despicable, of $ 441 thousand dollars
It provides a unique and necessary service, so it can not be replaced by the internet or by outsourcing from another country

Owner Semi-absent
Both the locksmith and security markets are growing. Thus, the first is $ 2bn and growth of 3.2%; while the second one is $ 29bn and growth of 1.1%
It only requires two employees
Almost all the states of the United States are open for this market
Offer support and training for two weeks
Owns a cooperative property franchise
Total investment: 145 – 200 K
Among its portfolio of clients include successful and renowned companies such as: Coca-Cola, Fedex, Hiatt, Wal Mart, Sears, among others.
The Flying Locksmith, which already has more than 70 years; started with William McMenimon; who was training as a pilot and worked as a locksmith. From there, his strange name. This company, belonging to the category of improvement and maintenance franchises; It is a comprehensive security provider. Its services include:

  • House keys.
  • Lock Rekeying & Duplicates.
  • Access to card and keyboards.
  • Master key systems.
  • Repair of doors and hinges.
  • Intercommunication systems.
  • Staff available 24/7.